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dances on untamed ground

January 13 & 14, 2017

Velocity Dance Center

Artwork by Marisa Vitiello and Beate Liepert

nomads highlights


Nomads is an evening-length dance performance that explores the human-made forces that shape our habits, interactions, and patterns of movement—and the new possibilities that emerge in their absence. How does the constructed environment impact our understanding of one another, and of ourselves? Who do we become outside of our cities and highways?

Imagining an alternate mode of being human, Nomads is inspired by the desire to engage the moment of composition as it unfolds. Ensemble members forge the raw materials of self, space, and imagination in real time, offering the audience a transparent view of the characters' essential humanity and elemental intelligence.

Accompanied by a soundscape from local musicians Serge Gubelman and Erin Jorgensen, as well as Virginia-based sound artists Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg (courtesy of 12k), Nomads invites the audience on a journey to discover who we are on untamed ground.

January 13 & 14, 2017
Velocity Dance Center, 1621 12th Ave., Seattle

Jonathan Lilly

Jonathan Lilly is a martial artist-turned-dancer based in Seattle. After training in aikido for more than twenty years, he was introduced to dance, and realized that the movement skills he had been developing in the martial arts could be applied instead for artistic creation. In the past four years he has trained with many different teachers of improvisational dance, with a particular focus on a physically-based dance form called contact improvisation. Jonathan sees the practice of improvisational dance as a way to hone one’s ability to respond physically and emotionally in any situation. In his day job, he is a researcher studying ocean physics, in which he holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a PhD from the University of Washington.

Kori Martodam

Kori Martodam was born in 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up among a family of scientists. She began her studies of performance and dance at Denison University, and graduated in 2003 with a BFA in Theater and a minor in Contemporary Dance. Over the last 15 years Kori has studied theater, contemporary dance, architecture, yoga, anatomy, physiology, design, composition, and poetry. She enjoys skiing, backpacking, running, and other good reasons to get outdoors. She finds performance and improvisation particularly suitable media for the creative integration of inputs coming from these various sources. Working with Jonathan and the ensemble of Nomads marks the beginning of a creative practice Kori has long hoped to realize.

Spring Cheng

Spring Cheng is passionate about improvisation with elements such as movement, music, theatre, voice and the alchemy of those. For three decades, she has been cultivating her life force, called Qi in her native Chinese culture, through movement traditions such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Currently Spring is pursuing channeling this life energy into creative expression in a way that resonates with the field of the audience and the larger collective. She has been performing and producing shows at Velocity Dance Center and Taoist Studies Institute. More at springcheng.com.

Corina Iona Dalzell

Corina Iona Dalzell migrated to Seattle in the fall of 2013. Since then she has performed in the work of Shannon Stewart, Sarah Kathryn Olds, Kimberly Holloway, Hannah Simmons, Noelle Chun, and Pe|MO, Alyza Delpan Monley, and The Three Yells. Corina serves the Seattle inclusive arts community as a movement arts facilitator specializing in workshops for individuals with disabilities. Originally from the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, Corina holds a BA in dance and collaborative studies from Bennington College. More at www.corinadalzell.com.

Molly Levy

Molly Levy grew up in Berkeley, California where she trained at Berkeley City Ballet and Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts.  She continued her education in New York at Ailey/Fordham, pursuing dance and education and graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Dance in May 2016. Molly has also trained at LINES Ballet, Robert Moses Kin, Bates Dance Festival, and Northwest Dance Project’s LAUNCH. She recently returned to the West Coast and lives between Boise and Seattle dancing, with LED, Verlaine and McCann, and others. More at mollylevy.com.

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